Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait

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Kuwait City Kuwait

Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait. Kuwait City is developing fast, there are skyscrapers built with interesting and unique architectures everywhere. Kuwait City has become a busy place with investments in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, wide boulevards and beautiful parks and gardens The Kuwait Towers, a set of three towers looking out onto the Persian Gulf, are the main landmark of the city. Visit them at dusk to get day and night views and some great photos of the city. The Grand Mosque is the national pride of Kuwait and the largest place of worship in the country. The National Museum houses some ancient relics of Kuwait’s history. The Al Qurain Museum is also worth a visit. To soak up the city’s atmosphere, visit the the Souq area. Luxurious and lavish, Kuwait City is filled with modern shopping complexes, marinas, luxurious beach resorts and extravagant accommodations, as well as top-notch restaurants. This is what modern Kuwait City is about.
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Kuwait Intl (KWI)
Points of interest
  • The Mirror House
  • Bayan Palace
  • Hawalli
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