Livigno, Lombardy, Italy

Livigno, Lombardy, Italy

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Livigno, Lombardy Italy

Livigno is a town, comune and a special-administered territory in the province of Sondrio, in the region of Lombardy, Italy, located in the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border. Livigno's first settlers were probably shepherds during the Middle Ages. The first documents called this area Vinea et Vineola. The name possibly comes from an old German word for "avalanche" which have always been frequent in the valley – the last avalanche to hit the village was in 1951, causing seven deaths and damage to a dozen houses. Politically, Livigno has always followed Bormio's history, although the relationships between the two communes have always been tense, Bormio being dominant and more populous than Livigno. Until the 1970s Livigno was a farming village. In recent decades, however, things have changed, and nowadays Livigno enjoys a better economic situation and a higher number of inhabitants. Livigno has recently enjoyed one of Italy's highest birth rates (19.4 births per 1000 inhabitants).[3] Livigno's economy is based on tourism, both in winter and in summer, and on its duty-free status, with goods sold at bargain prices.
Recommended airport
Bolzano (BZO)
Points of interest
  • San Rocco Playground
  • Chiesa di San Rocco
  • Luigion pond
Nearby destinations
  • Saint Moritz a 23.53 km
  • Graubünden a 43.74 km
  • Bormio, Lombardy a 20.11 km
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